A Message from the Folsom HOG Chapter Webmaster


My love for MC started when my papa sat my 5 y.o. self on his gas tank. I've been riding motorcycles for 35 years. I've ridden & enjoyed many brands through the years. Love them all but HD is my fave. Do I think Harley is the perfect bike for every one? NO. Do I think Harley is perfect for me. YES. 3 generation of military in my family so I'm proud to be affiliated with a group that honors vets and flag pledge every meetings. My additional interests are outdoor activities, wrenching, and welding. Trail running, rock climbing, paddle boarding, surfing, count me in. I've lived in both coasts and in the middle state. But love temperate Cali the best. Feel free to contact me for your IT issues or just want to grab a brew.

Our chapter’s main goal is to “RIDE AND HAVE FUN”. 


If you are not a member, I encourage you to join our Chapter, Our Membership Officer updates access to these pages as members become current. If you are a member, I am available to assist and help with any questions or login problems. Either way, please contact me for comments and suggestions. Many hours have been spent to make this site useful to all members; it is a work in progress.


Huey Nguyen  Webmaster 2024