A Message from the Folsom HOG Chapter Webmaster


I've been riding motorcycles for 48 years, since I was 16 years old. I've owned numerous motorcycles and my last two have been Harleys.  After one year as a Folsom HOG member in 2015, I was charged with Highway Cleanup.  Then a couple years as Treasurer.  The last 3 years I was the Director of our chapter during some difficult and challenging times.  We had a rough few years in dealing with the pandemic, but we came out even stronger. When we our chapter was first presented with HOGSCAN’s web site, I purchased the initial software for the chapter to enhance our communication skills as well as our bookkeeping methods.  HOGSCAN is robust in contact and the flexibility for the chapter.  HOGSCAN is open to the general public, but has the capability to keep our members information secure from the public.

Our chapter’s main goal is to “RIDE AND HAVE FUN”. 


If you are not a member, I encourage you to view our JOIN THE CHAPTER page. Our Membership Officer updates access to these pages as members become current. If you are a member, I am available to assist and help with any questions or login problems. Either way, please contact me for comments and suggestions. Many hours have been spent to make this site useful to all members; it is a work in progress.


Jim Mizell  Webmaster 2023