Discretionary Officers: These officer positions are optional and at the discretion of the sponsoring Dealership. The duties and responsibilities of the discretionary chapter officers may include the following.

A. Ladies of Harley Officer: encouraging women members to take an active part in chapter activities.
B. Activities Officer: Assists in organizing, publishing, and announcing Chapter events.
C. Editor: assembling and organizing all forms of chapter communications. Ensures all forms of chapter communications are approved by the sponsoring Dealer/H.O.G.® Manager before publication or distribution.
D. Photographer: obtaining and organizing chapter images for use in chapter communications and chapter history.
E. Membership Officer: Assists in membership recruitment. Maintains membership roster by adding and deleting memberships. Provides membership count at Chapter meetings. Establishes initial contact with new members via e-mail to provide goodwill and information on member resources.
F. Historian: preparing and maintaining an account of the history of the chapter.
G. Webmaster: assembling and organizing material for the chapter web site, social media sites (if applicable), and obtaining approval from the
sponsoring Dealer/H.O.G.® Manager before publication. Chapter web site and social media sites must comply with the H.O.G.® Chapter Internet Guidelines.
H. Merchandise Officer: Order and distribute Chapter patches and T-shirts at Chapter meetings and other events.
I. Points Coordinator: Maintains Point Program. Provides reports to the Board as needed.  Adds/deletes members eligible for participation points.
J. Sergeant Of Arms: Maintains order during Meetings; keeps track of time during meetings for prompt start/stop times. Must be willing to take a bullet for the Director.
K. Raffle Coordinator: Coordinate and encourage raffle donations to the Chapter for the purpose of raising funds for Chapter business.  Raffles are held during General Meetings.
L. Safety Officer: Provides Chapter members with information relating to the availability of rider training.
M. Head Road Captain: Encourages recruitment of Road Captains. Provides guidance in best practices for Road Captains and ride leaders.


The Folsom Chapter #1787 Discretionary Officers For 2024

John G.

Head Road Captain

John M.


Huey N


Dale S.

Merchandise Officer

John G.

Points Coordinator

William J.

Sergeant Of Arms

Linda R.

Membership Coordinator

Ricky P.

Safety Officer

Kimberly M

Raffle Coordinator