Event date: 
Sun, 05/02/2021 - 9:00am

In the spirit of “Wind Therapy”, join me for my FIRST organized HOG Chapter ride.

Meet at 9:00am, at Folson HD dealership.
Check in
Safety briefing 9:20 am
KSU 9:30 am (ish)

The route will be through the Mother Lode, in the towns of Latrobe, Ione, Buena Vista, Mokelumne Hill, Jackson, Sutter Creek, Amador City, Plymouth, El Dorado, and Shingle Springs. For those that know these roads; bare with me, IT'LL BE FUN.

We will have a fuel and restroom stop in Ione (50 min. & 40 miles out), a photo-op stop at Pardee Reservoir, a lunch stop at GOLD DUST PIZZA in Sutter Creek.
Order at counter, separate checks.

The ride will end at Baskin Robbins in Cameron Park for an ice cream.

Please help me make this a success, with friendship and good vibes.

Total route is approx. 3 hrs, 110 miles. 

For those with GPS capability, download the GPX file below.

Turn by Turn Directions

Start at 115 Woodmere Dr, Folsom, CA
Head southwest on Woodmere Rd
Turn left toward Woodmere Rd
Turn left onto Blue Ravine Rd
Turn right onto Prairie City Rd
Arrive at White Rock Rd, Folsom
====================================================== 9 min. 5.2 miles
Turn Left at White Rock Rd
Turn right onto Latrobe Rd
Head toward State Highway 16 on Latrobe Rd
Turn left onto State Highway 16 
Turn right onto State Highway 124 
Turn left onto Preston Ave CA-104
Arrive at 349 Preston Ave, Ione, CHEVRON
======================================================39 min. 30 miles
Start at 349 Preston Ave, Ione
Head toward W Main on Preston Ave
Turn left onto W Main St
Turn right onto S Ione St 
Continue toward Preston Ave
Turn left onto Buena Vista Rd
Turn left onto Stony Creek Rd
Arrive at Stony Creek Rd (wishing well)
======================================================12 min. 8 miles
Head east on Stony Creek Rd, turn left at wishing well
Turn sharp right onto Pardee Dam Rd
Arrive at OVERLOOK, take photo
======================================================4 min. 3 miles
Continue on Pardee Dam Rd
Turn left onto Campo Seco Rd
Arrive at Paloma Rd, turn left
======================================================6 min. 3 miles
Head toward Highway 26 on Paloma Rd
Turn left onto N Highway 26 
Continue on Highway 26 
Turn left onto Highway 49
Keep right onto CA-49 toward Sutter Creek
Turn right onto Old Highway 49
Turn right at Eureka St
Arrive at GOLD DUST PIZZA, Sutter Creek
======================================================33 min. 21 miles
Head toward Old Highway 49
Keep right toward State Highway 49
Continue on State Highway 49 to Pleasant Valley Rd
Arrive at El Dorado, CA
Turn left onto Pleasant Valley Rd
Turn left onto Mother Lode
Turn left onto S Shingle Rd at HWY 50
Turn right on Durock
Continue on Cameron Park Dr
Turn left onto Coach Ln
Arrive at 3371 Coach Ln, Shingle Springs, to BASKIN ROBBINS
======================================================42 min. 31 miles


Event route: 
GPX File(s):
  Download File: MIKES_FIRST_RIDE (2).gpx

Closed Event: Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. Chapter members. Closed Events are those events open to Chapter members and one guest per member.  All guests must sign an event release. Be aware, all rides and events are subject to change or cancellation due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.

Event Coordinator: 
Mike N.