Chapter Success

     Let's take a moment and think about our success as a chapter. We are only as good as the people who volunteer. The more we volunteer, the more success we have as a chapter.  It is that simple!

     Everyone at some level contributes; even paying your annual $20 dollars is a contribution. For most of us this is all we do. If this is you, thank you for your contribution it is greatly appreciated.

     But what if you were able to take it a bit further? Perhaps creating a ride route to fill the calendar? There is a ride planner on the National Harley-Davidson website that allows you to plan and map out routes and save the *.gpx  file that can be shared with anyone.  This is very easy to do.  Additionally, check out the calendar on our H.O.G. web page and our Meetup group and pick a ride you would be interested in doing and join us. See what your chapter does every weekend, WE RIDE!
     The best thing to do is come to our general meetings and sign up to help with one of our chapters sponsored events. 

     Our next big event is March 25th of 2023, our Spring Break-Out Poker Run. We need your help with gathering donations starting today!  This is vital to continue our success attracting riders to our events.
     On our H.O.G. web page you can download a donor letter which you can take to your favorite restaurant, place of business and ask for a donation. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated beyond $20 dollars you gave us to become a member. Plus, you earn points!
     Give us a try, and join us, you’ll be glad you did. It’s a great feeling, knowing you made a difference.
     For those of you who we always count on to volunteer I want to say thank you on behalf of Folsom H.O.G. You all know who you are, please continue supporting your chapter. You are the backbone of this chapter; without you our success would not be possible.
     Special thanks to Jim M for the past three years as our Director, John G. for administering our Points program, Johnnie P who always, always, makes sure our events go as planned, Mike N. as our Webmaster/Activities Officer and all the other members who have helped along the way. 
     Let's do this !!!



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