Event date: 
Sat, 11/13/2021 - 9:16am

Join us for a memorial ride for our LOH officer Paige. This was supposed to be her "Ham " ride, so in her honor please bring either a ham or a turkey to be donated to the church of her choice. 

We will leave the Folsom H-D shop at 10 am. We will head to Auburn and take the canyon (highway 49) to Cool. This part if the route has several 15 MPH curves, so if you are a newer rider please keep this in mind. In Cool we will stop at the Holiday Market for a 10 minute potty break. Then continue on 49 through Coloma and Placerville. We will then head west on Pleasant Valley Rd and turn left onto highway 49 to Plymouth and through the roundabout toward somerset and Mt Aukum. We will stop at the Flower shop on Shenandoah School Road for another 10 minute break. This driveway has gravel, so another caution here. From the flower shop we will make a right onto Mt Aukum Rd and head toward Pleasant Valley. But on the way we will go past Paige's ranch. Her daughter will be at the driveway waving at us as we honk and wave as we pass by. As we turn left onto peasant valley rd we are almost to our lunch destination of Colina del Oro. Total mileage is 94.  




Difficulty 2


Difficulty Level
1 =  Easy and designed for the beginning rider, some twists and turn
2 =  Intermediate rider skill, more twists and turn, may include some switchbacks and uneven roads
3 =  Advanced Rider skills required, lots of twist and turn, switchbacks, can include long saddle times between stops

Mileage level
A = 150 miles or less
B = 151-300 miles
C = 300+ miles

Open Event: This event is open to Chapter members, National H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.  All riders and passengers must sign a release. 

Event Coordinator: 
Eddi G
Road Captain